As one of Australia's most popular Advanced RTT Hypnotherapy practitioners, Forest Toime has dedicated 5+ years in practice to understanding the unique pattern of subconscious self-beliefs and mechanisms that caused you to get stuck in a cycle of suffering due to narcissistic and toxic abuse.

The Elevate Goddess program enables you to overcome your issues caused by past traumas, narcissistic & toxic abuse by tapping in to your limiting subconscious beliefs with a therapy program that combines specific insights and tools with RTT hypnotherapy

What is RTT Hypnotherapy?

If you cannot consciously make the change you desire, then you are stuck with habits of thought that are causing the issue. The answer to making a shift lies with your subconscious mind...

RTT Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis as an in-road to work with our subconscious mind and make profound, lasting changes. When we face personal issues, by definition of the way we are suffering or struggling, there are specific habits of thought that are running 'on loop' in our subconscious minds that are holding us back.

The more we remain 'stuck' with an issue, the more we are exercising the neural pathways - or thought habits - that are causing the issue whilst attributing new, present experiences and triggers to the issue itself. This is problematic because over time, the issue becomes deeply entrenched in our way-of-being. Converse to what we might consciously desire for ourselves, the subconscious self beliefs attached to the issue create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Another term to describe this is 'negative feedback loops'.

So if you want to make a personal change but find that you can't achieve this, you can be sure that there are negative feedback loops that are causing your self-sabotage.

So how does RTT Hypnotherapy help me to change my subconscious negative feedback loops?

RAPID TRANSFORMATIONAL THERAPY (RTT) is a significant development in therapeutic approaches because real change must happen on the subconscious level in order for a client to truly transform. RTT uses hypnosis as an inroad to your deeper self, then dependent on the specific issues you are facing, makes changes on your subconscious level using a toolbox of transformative therapeutic techniques. Whilst a client may have a conscious desire, such as to loose weight, the subconscious holds strong, ingrained emotional reasons to keep weight on. This conflict of interest causes personal issues to arise.


Let's relate this to the issue of weight. A client might find they can never permanently reduce their weight, no matter what they do. Under hypnosis, it is revealed that a series of significant experiences led the client to believe that it was important to be ‘big’ in order to survive, or that their weight served an important function for them such as to repel male attention which had previously scared or traumatised them. The keyword here is ‘big’ because our primal, subconscious mind takes commands literally. Whilst these strong, embedded beliefs may have formed to serve a strong purpose, they are no longer useful to the client in achieving their conscious goal to be skinny. Rapid Transformational Therapy negotiates with the subconscious using a combination of tools, depending on the client goal and varying individualities, to aid the client in making key self realisations that helps them to let go and move forward. Hypnosis then solidifies new, self-serving beliefs that the subconscious mind can then use to re-shape itself in a beneficial way.

Essentially, new neural pathways are formed that correctly align the client to their goal. The result is that real, lasting change happens.

What happens when I engage in RTT hypnotherapy to help me overcome issues to do with narcissistic and toxic abuse, trauma and PTSD symptoms?

Hypnotherapy involves engaging in a simple, scientific method to enter a deeply relaxed, subconscious state whereby your alpha brainwaves are activated. This state can otherwise be referred to as hypnosis.

Within this subconscious state, Forest uses a number of tools in relation to your issues, symptoms and goals to start re-wiring your thoughts. Usually regression takes place whereby you are guided to uncover relevant memories from your past that hold the key to why you started creating the self-defeating or detrimental thoughts that are continuing to hold you back. It is common for long buried memories from childhood to become crystal clear within the subconscious state.

Once the key to why you hold these certain, limiting beliefs has been unlocked and instrumental self realisations are made, Forest uses hypnosis to start re-building your thought patterns in a positive, self serving way. The hypnosis is directly relevant to revelations about what your holdbacks are, as well as what you sought to solve in the session. 

Please note that hypnotherapy is contraindicated for sufferers of schizophrenia, epilepsy and clinical issues relating to paranoia. If this is you, then this program is inappropriate for you and you will be refused.

About Forest's use of RTT Hypnotherapy

Forest Tome is privileged to have trained directly under the founder of RTT Hypnotherapy, Marisa Peer, at her hypnotherapy school in Los Angeles in 2017.

Marisa Peer is a globally acclaimed therapist who developed her own hypnotherapy methodology and approach over 30 years. Amongst many international accolades and awards for RTT Hypnotherapy, Marisa Peer has regularly been touted as the best therapist in the UK and she is also the top-selling therapist associated with MindValley. Marisa is famous for being able to diagnose the root cause of any issue and then positively transform her client in 90 minutes. Her unique and highly effective model combines therapeutic techniques under hypnosis to make changes to the client’s mind and thought-processes on a subconscious level. The highly effective technique originated from principles and approaches used in hypnotherapy.

Becoming one of Australia's first practitioners, Forest has combined RTT Hypnotherapy with her own clinical experience and expertise dealing with clients who have suffered personal issues due to abuse in their intimate relationships, with family life, childhood experiences and in their careers.

For more information about Forest, please read about her in the About Forest section.

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