Profoundly Transform Your Mindset from "Hurt" to "Empowered" 
in just 10 weeks.

Built by hypnotherapist & subconscious mind expert Forest Toime, the EGA Method assists you in reclaiming your life after experiencing abuse through creating new powerful subconscious habits. Don't let your past continue to own your future.

  • Appointments and waitlists
  • Slow, tedious progress and lost time
  • Costly therapy with few (if any) notable inner changes
  • ​Facing the same personal struggles and limiting beliefs
  • ​Significantly improved emotional & mental wellbeing
  • ​Break free from inner changes caused by past abuse
  • ​Proven, Guaranteed Results in just 20mins per day.. that you can fall asleep to!
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Hypnotherapy is scientifically shown to improve wellbeing

Specialised, targeted methodology for effective results

Only 20 mins per day (that you can achieve whilst falling asleep!)

Your subconscious mind is your operating system. On average, we think 90% of the same thoughts every day. Your subconscious mind commands 95% of every thought, feeling and action you experience. The most effective way to facilitate rapid inner change is through working with your subconscious.

Is the EGA program right for me?

  • You desire to feel more confident, love yourself more, and have healthy boundaries
  • You want to move on from past hurt and abuse
  • ​You acknowledge that your subconscious mind plays a big role in your thoughts, feelings, actions, and behaviours
  • ​You'd like to overcome personal setbacks caused by trauma
  • ​You're committed to doing the work to create new habits
  • ​You're open to listening to hypnotherapy while falling asleep
  • ​You desire to align your life with your goals and desires and are willing to take action
  • You'd love to improve your personal wellbeing and feel more free.

This is not for you if..

  • You aren't ready to move forward from abuse
  • ​You're not willing to take responsibility for your results and reality
  • ​You're not open to trying new strategies and approaches, such as hypnotherapy
  • You aren't open to listening to hypnotherapy whilst falling asleep
  • Hypnotherapy is a contraindication for you, because you suffer from epilepsy, schizophrenia or any delusional disorder or state. Please consult your treating medical practitioner if you have any questions or concerns regarding whether this is the right supplementary approach for you.


Why do I need to do this program?

Experiencing past harm from a toxic relationship, be it romantic, platonic, or during childhood (such as with a parent or family member), can make you statistically more susceptible to facing further adversity in life. This is because our subconscious tends to seek out familiarity in relationships, which may lead us towards situations that perpetuate hurt.

Toxic or narcissistic wounds can inflict significant damage on our sense of self-esteem, security, and overall well-being. If you have been a victim of violence or abuse - including emotional, psychological, spiritual, sexual, financial, or physical - you may be at a higher risk of developing mental health issues like anxiety, panic, and depression as a direct consequence.

The purpose of this program is to aid you in reprogramming your subconscious thoughts, directing you towards healthier relationships, improved mental well-being, and more positive life choices.

When do I start seeing results / how long does it take to work?

Most individuals experience a noteworthy change within the initial 21 days of the program. However, some may require additional time invested in engaging with the hypnotherapy sessions provided. It is highly recommended that everyone completes the entire 10-week program to maximize the program's benefits.

The program's final pillars aim to attain improved real-world outcomes from a position of enhanced inner security and self-esteem. For the most favorable outcome, it is essential to adhere to the program in the prescribed sequence.

Is this right for me?

Hypnotherapy is a natural and soothing state that is generally well-tolerated by most people. However, if you suffer from schizophrenia, epilepsy, or any delusional state, hypnotherapy is not recommended and should be avoided. It is advisable to seek advice from your doctor regarding the most appropriate therapies for your specific condition.

If you have any queries or apprehensions about using hypnotherapy, it is highly recommended to discuss it with your medical practitioner to determine if hypnotherapy could serve as a complementary approach for you.

How does hypnotherapy work?

Hypnotherapy induces a state of profound relaxation, activating your Alpha brainwaves. This is a natural state that you experience on a daily basis, and it is entirely voluntary. It is essential to note that hypnotherapy cannot make you do anything you do not wish to do. This state is the perfect setting to make changes at the subconscious level of your mind.

It is crucial never to listen to hypnotherapy while driving, operating machinery, or when you are actively engaged in something. Ideally, it is best to listen to hypnotherapy while falling asleep at night or first thing in the morning, when your brain is already transitioning through the Alpha brainwave state.

The EGA Method has helped countless women just like you improve their wellbeing...

That was so different for me so I am already seeing the changes! I was driving home and I thought to myself Forest you are actually a magician!! 😆😁 Cos it feels like magic to me!!

Best $59 l ever spent.

I said things out loud that I’ve never said before…to myself or anyone. I thought I’d feel tired after the session but I actually feel lighter. Looking forward to more growth and healing xx
- K

I honestly cannot recommend Forest enough, my time with her was the 'reset' button that I needed.


I realized I am now coming from a place of sharing what wants to be expressed from within and I do trust that it will reach those who need to hear it (which give such a calm sensation of trust), so really fabulous job, loved it"
I loved working with Forest, and would recommend her to anyone that has unresolved trauma or needs assistance with rewiring some self-talk. This experience with Forest really helped me see past experiences for what they were. I love how she phrased things and terms to empower me. Thank you Forest, I always speak so highly of you and appreciate the care you take with your work.

Last night was amazing...
Thankyou for your work in this field and being so inspiring to all is women, we need you.
Healing this trauma with the help of Forest and RTT therapy completely transformed my life and my experience living with PMDD. For the first time in my life I’m genuinely happy and optimistic about my life and the future. I’m deeply grateful for Forest’s support and guidance. She is a born therapist, warm, intuitive, with a naturally kind and caring nature.

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