Awaken your worth - mini program
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Is low self worth crippling your chances in life and handicapping your potential? If you have experienced adversity, trauma or abuse in your past, then this is a key aspect that you need to address in order to move past the impacts of those experiences.

Being the kind of a woman with a high level of self worth will change the world around you and the actions you chose to take within it! This Awaken Your Worth mini challenge will guide you to deepen your self understanding, raise your sense of self worth and experience the shifts that take place both inside you and around you. In this program you will use hypnosis, which is a deep state of relaxation that activates brainwaves to work on your subconscious level, to positively shift your subconscious thoughts. Hypnosis is a natural, familiar state that is accessible to everyone, that you naturally experience every day.

This therapy program includes:
  • Your deep acting Awaken Your Worth hypnotherapy mp3
  • ‚ÄčCommit to listen for 10-21 days for optimal results
  • Your play book¬†filled with therapy insights that no therapist has told you about, to be guided, discover, reflect and journal.
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Awaken Your Worth mini challenge
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REQUIRED TERMS: By checking this box you have determined that using hypnotherapy is right for you. You should never use hypnotherapy if you suffer from disorders including epilepsy, schizophrenia and/or any paranoid or delusional states. Please consult your doctor and treating practitioner(s) first if you have any questions or hesitations regarding this treatment, and for help determining the right therapy for you. You agree that engaging in hypnotherapy is appropriate for you.
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