As one of Australia's most popular Advanced RTT Hypnotherapy practitioners, Forest Toime has dedicated 5+ years in practice to understanding the unique pattern of subconscious self-beliefs and mechanisms that caused you to get stuck in a cycle of suffering due to narcissistic and toxic abuse.

Creating the Elevate Goddess program...

Experiencing abuse (whether in your childhood or in your adult relationships, career and encounters.. or all of the aforementioned!) is not only draining and soul destroying, but the long term impacts on both mental and physical health are well documented and clear. As one of Australia's leading RTT Hypnotherapy practitioners, I'd had enough of the same stories of abuse from client after client who suffered the same issues, the same exhaustions and prolonged stresses. One of the most painful aspects for the majority who have undergone insidious abuse, is that the ongoing psychological impact after gaining the courage to leave that direct abuse continues to negatively permeate in to all areas of life. This is because we subconsciously habituate to respond and behave in a certain way to navigate a stressful environment of abuse, and without seeking to actively then rewire these subconscious habits, we remain mostly the same. Whilst doing the inner work to free my clients, under hypnosis and in the subconscious mind, the SAME PATTERNS of a personal, inhibiting, self-limiting inner script reared it's self-defeating head AGAIN and AGAIN. 

Whilst working with women who have undergone so much crazy and abuse, I saw that one of the challenges in helping my clients is the need for a more thorough therapeutic program so that we could address all the personal issues and wounds. In most cases, much of the original pain and suffering originated in childhood, which lead to a tendency to subconsciously attract or be vulnerable to toxic situations (for example, an abusive partner) and lead a more suppressed life aligned with lower levels of self worth and self beliefs. I encountered so much natural gift, talent and potential in my female clients but saw that these gifts were often stamped out and denied. I created the Elevate Goddess program to better honour the wonderful potential of women who've been through trauma, abuse, negativity and too much crazy.

About Forest Toime

Forest Toime is an RTT & Hypnotherapy practitioner based in Melbourne, Australia who was taught and trained in Los Angeles by one of the world’s most acclaimed therapists, Marisa Peer. She offers her generalist consultancy (forestt.com.au), being ranked as one of Melbourne’s Top 25 Most Popular Health & Fitness service providers. She is also a consultant specialising in therapy for victims of narcissistic and toxic abuse, helping clients become rapidly empowered over their mental state via her specialist program Elevate Goddess.

Forest’s clients testify significant, fast results and she has helped them gain back power over their behaviours to align with their goals of being free of self-defeating and destructive habits.

She has been able to demonstrate consistently successful results for a broad range of clientele that not only includes world-class athletes, olympians, business leaders, royals and celebrities, but also people that experience significant and complex deep-rooted issues.

Schedule a Free Strategy Call Consultation by clicking the buttons on this page, call Forest on 0406616009 or drop a line to hello@forestt.com.au for more information.


BSc Hons Medical Physiology and Psychology (UEL, London, UK)
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (Marisa Peer School, Los Angeles, USA)
Certified Advanced Rapid Transformation Therapy Practitioner (RTT Hypnotherapy), (Marisa Peer School, Los Angeles, USA)
CEU Certification (American Hypnosis Association)

Accredited Membership
IACT (The International Association of Counsellors and Therapists, www.IACT.org)
IICT (The International Institute for Complementary Therapists, www.IICT.com.au) 
RTT Alumni (Rapid Transformational Therapy) – Advanced Practitioner

Forest Toime

Advanced RTT Hypnotherapy practitioner
BScHons, Cl.Hyp, C.RTT

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